Our Project Manager Diane is always available to speak to people interested in CARAVAN's work, or to support volunteers who would like to raise awareness of their time in CARAVAN.

Amazing work. I am very impressed by the work of the Order of Malta. I think this program, that invests in the education of the youth, is very much worth it.
— Vitus Graf von Waldburg-Zeil (Father of a caravanista)
I think the essence of this program is that young people come from an environment that delivers everything to an environment where they have to deliver everything.
This leads to an existential experience, which forms their characters in a way you wouldn’t see somewhere else in terms of spirituality, practicality and personality.
— Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg - SMOM Ambassador to Liechtenstein (Father of a caravanista)
I think CARAVAN is a great experience for the children and a very big chance for them to grow and develop their character and personality. It is a complete project with an overview on religion, culture and history.
— Melanie van Ackeren (mother of a caravanista)
What the Order does is a gift in many ways especially in educating the children.
While they are in Lebanon, they broaden their horizon and acquire new experiences. They get in touch with things they have never seen before. It is very important to be part of a group and to help people in need. I am very impressed by this program and happy to have had my son take part in it.
At first I was a bit afraid to send my son to Lebanon because of the tough work that he will be doing and the fact that he will be doing it in a new environment and culture. Now, I am very happy to have had the chance to come and see for myself the beauty of what they are doing here in Lebanon.
— Anja Arends (Mother of a caravanista)