This not a traditional gap year, and it is not a study abroad program. It is a year of unforgettable experiences for every participant, and it will impact you in ways you can hardly imagine.

Learn more about our unique program experience and see if CARAVAN might be right for you.

The CARAVAN program starts in August and lasts approximately ten months. It begins with a two weeks preparation camp in Lebanon, followed by a month-long summer camp with the German Youth of the Order of Malta in Chabrouh, Lebanon. For the remaining nine months, the team lives in an apartment in Beirut, studies at the university and visits the different homes of the handicapped people.



Our two preparatory weeks in Lebanon aim to establish a team spirit. Aside from an academic progam, there will be a well-developed practical part (e.g. team-sports, communication workshops etc.).  The academic component aims to establish an insight into the history and culture of Lebanon; to help the "Caravanistas" prepare for their service with the people with disabilities and to revive a basic understanding of the Catholic faith.


THE SUMMER CAMP - four Weeks in FARAYA, Leb.

The "Caravanistas" will start their project in Lebanon by attending a full month-long Summercamp in our house in Chabrouh. Over the course of their ten-month program they will additionally organize and conduct several smaller and shorter camps together with the Youth of the Lebanese Order of Malta.



Arabic Lessons

The team will attend urban Arabic courses throughout their ten months stay. The courses will be given by a certified Arabic teacher and held at the apartment. The team will know how to write, read and communicate in urban Arabic at the end of the ten months. Knowing the language also facilitates the communication in the Homes.


University classes - Six months at Saint Joseph

The classes provide an understanding of the cultures and religions in the Middle East, especially Christianity, Islam and Judaism with an emphasis on cultural religion’s difference.

The course, which is worth 16 ECTS points, is taught by professors from diverse
backgrounds at the Jesuit University.



Once a "C", always a "C". As an alumnus you join the growing circle of CARAVAN. Together, this network of inspiring young people can further awareness, first-hand experience, and insights of religious tolerance and Christian devotion. As part of the CARAVAN Alumni Circle, you have opportunities to create, shape and guide the program in the future. You will have friends for life and connections around the globe.

"These courses gave me a great back-up knowledge about politics, historical and also cultural backgrounds of the Middle East. It helped me a lot to understand current developments and changes, and supported me in gaining a completely new perspective to look at geopolitics, media and history." 

Paul, 19 years old from Germany